Nightlife Wedge Sex Pillow

To help take your sex positions to new heights, literally. Whatever pillow you use, just know that this is a very good position to use if you want to give your woman an orgasm during intercourse. The sex furniture trend is rising in popularity, as more people want to experiment with new, exciting positions. You can easily position one partner or the other on the pillow to lift up either end of your body to better position one to the other.

The Liberator Flip-Ramp is an extremely handy sex pillow with some cool features. Such variety isn't just there for the looks - depending on what your pillow looks like, you can achieve various positions that would otherwise have been difficult. THERAPEUTIC LOVE PILLOW - Aside from comforting and cushioning your hips and tailbones during the act of sex, this wedge sex pillow actually enhances the chance of contraception.

However, sex pillows with mounts are sometimes limited to the positions they can be twisted or folded into. And while these soft, plush purple pillows are soft and eye-catching (not to mention tasteful in appearance) they also quality as superior adult novelties that can help you try exciting new sex positions.

Your partner will be able to use the Plus Size Wedge to make that particular position easier. You can use the pillows for more than one position and you may even discover new positions or else find that you like some of the old positions that you did not particularly enjoy before.

This is simply because every position puts a different pressure on the penis and vagina, or gives you a new perspective of your partner's body, or perhaps allows you to see entering your partner's body, and so on. Exactly which sex position feels most pleasurable will depend on the shape and size and shape of your penis and her vagina.

Keep in mind that some sellers will give you a discount if you buy several pillows or a sex toy, sex pillow lube, or other products with your purchase. The only part of the pillow that comes in direct contact with your body is the cover. The Liberator Wedge and ramp is a combo pillow that comes in a black microfiber color and offers a 24-inch wedge.

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